Thursday, July 20, 2006

Heath Ledger
might play the joker in
Batman Begins Sequel

I loved Batman Begins
All the Batman movies before it
pale in comparison as far as
I'm concerned.

Interesting Choice...
Can he pull it off?


Lynda said...

He may be able to. I was wrong about Matt Damon when the Bourne Identity came out.

It would really show how good an actor he was if he could pull it off.

Jim said...

No, he is a terrible choice.
Jim Smash!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I just don't see it.

Teri said...

I agree with you, Batman Begins was really good and better than all the others. Christian Bale rocks!

MC said...

I think it is a better choice than Robin Williams

Chatty said...

There is a scene at the end of A Knight's Tale when he dehorses Adhemar and he down at him while he is on the "flat of his back". He does this wink, click noise with his tongue and check and grins. It could almost pass. I think people see his pretty face and are biased.

Jen said...

yeah, Robin Williams
annoys the hell out of me

Scarlet said...

The first Batman was good!!

The guy from American pie..Stiffler. He should get the part.

Your Girl Friday said...

I loved Batman Begins too.

I used to like Heath Ledger. He is a fellow Aussie so I am almost obliged to.

But now I think he is a &^%$#@!!!.

So no... I don't think he can pull his head out of his ass long enough to 'act'.

Dale said...

Stiffler's a good idea Scarlet but Heath can probably pull it off.