Wednesday, July 26, 2006

more retro

Here's the list for the
Top Ten 1980's Board Games
Click Me

<-- I never had this game.
But the picture made me laugh
so I looked for more info & found
an entire post about it here

Do kids still play
Board Games? Doubt It.
I always wanted
Hungry Hungry Hippos
but never got it... Life is unfair.


D. Prince said...

I had never even seen this game before. You had it? It looks very cool.

Jen said...

No, I didn't have it..

I did have connect four
but nobody ever wanted to play it
with me...

Anonymous said...

Ah. Connect Four. So annoying. :)

I just played the classics: Monopoly, Parchisi, and Life.

Those were good years.

Jen said...

I forgot about Parchisi - My mom would play that one with me all the time.

I liked
Pictionary... now that's a game!

jessafran said...

my cousin had that... OMG. great post... i am currently feeling 87 years old.

Jen said...

I feel 87 too

Anonymous said...

I always wanted a chemistry set, because you could make explosives with those. I would have settled for an easy bake oven because you could make your own cakes and pies whenever you want. Unfortunately I got neither. Instead I got friggin' coloring books .... DAMN YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I never won at Parchisi. EVER.

My sister and cousin used to gang up on me to make me lose early on.

You know, until this moment, I never realized what a sad childhood I led ... (Waaaaaaaaa!!)

Jen said...

I had a chemistry set!!

I use to melt crayons and mix it with all the chemicals.. LOL!
Pretty colors! I would add some shaving cream with it too. Or whatever else I got my hands on.

I never blew up anything

Anonymous said...

If I still had my Easy Bake Oven, I'd send it to you, Mr. Small. Really I would.

We used to bake vanilla cake with chocolate icing. Or strawberry cake with white icing. It was so much better than coloring books.

It's not Santa's fault. I don't think your parents liked you I'm sorry to say.

DutchBitch said...

I guess I am "lucky". My son LOOOOVES playing boardgames (mainly because I am really bad at it and he beats me every time I think)

Jen said...

Zed - I bet my childhood
was way more sad!

(Waaaaaaaaa! x10 !!!)


but at least I had a chemistry set
I never got an easy bake oven.
I really wanted one. - Maybe this is the reason I can't cook!

Anonymous said...

Jen, use your childhood deprivation to your advantage: Next time someone makes fun of your culinary skills say: "Hey, I never had an Easy Bake Oven!"

I do this sort of thing. Whenever someone asks me why I can't build a bomb, I say, "Hey, I never had a chemistry set!" Shuts 'em right up.

Annie said...

I hate the word Parchisi. It really irrates me. I think I hated it as a child too and that's probably why I never played it.
Chinese Checkers was my childhood game of choice.

Dale said...

I had a chemistry set and everytime something blew up, I blamed my brothers. Life, Payday, Trouble. Just like now.