Sunday, July 30, 2006

NBC's "The Office"
is adding some new drones!
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Lynda said...

I have only see the office twice, and the first time I didn't even get to see the whole episode because the plane was landing.

I think Chip Esten is pretty funny though.

Butternut Squaw said...

I've never seen it before. T.V.'s don't really fit well in TeePee's, I'm afraid. Plus there's no power outlets or cable wires, so if you live in a TeePee and want T.V., you're pretty much screwed.

Janet said...

I'm excited there might be some new workers added to the office, but I hope that doesn't mean we are going to lose any in the process.

I can't be without my Jim! :)

Jen said...

I don't think we'll lose any..
I hope not!

Corey said...

You're just pandering to me and my insatiable appetite for all things The Office.

And I'm completely cool with that.

Jen said...

that's what I'm here for
quality nonsense - served up fresh